Shoe Sole Production

BarnoPars aims to be one of the most creative and well-known shoe sole manufacturers in Iran with capacity of nearly 20,000,000 pairs keeping the highest standard quality control practices in place. We render our customers a significant competitive advantage in quality and cost.

BarnoPars specializes in design and manufacture of shoe sole and slippers. We follow the latest trend and fashion for footwear industry and we have a wide range of soles for casual/formal shoes, sandals and slippers.

PU, polyurethane

  • Light
  • Great thermal insulation
  • Elastic and flexible
  • Chemically resistant (e.g. against most chemicals, oils and etc.)
  • Good grip

PU soles of Barno Pars have the optimal density, resulting in high resistance against bacteria and hydrolysis - thereby offering the soles better properties in wet or otherwise bacteria active circumstances. The soles remain their flexibility also in extreme conditions (-25 C°).
Polyurethane is mainly used for producing soles for professional footwear (work, protective and safety). Advanced performance include e.g. antistatic and ESD (electrostatic discharge) properties.